Reason you're here
You may have tried other music service provider before but...

Frustrated, complicated, helpless, we know how it feel. Here, your project is not a routine for us.

You make order, We make music
with lowest rate throughout the net, freelance rate.

We all need music in our projects. Music which does great enhancement, and in the mean time keeps you out of trouble.

Don't simply use copyrighted mp3 or music in the net! They belong to others and it is illegal that these music being used without permission. You and your company will get sued!

The song you intend to use is most probably made by someone, sung by another one, copyrighted, distributed, and recorded by some dozens of different people or organizations. Wait, don't tell me you really going to use this music aren't you?

Imagine how complicated and frustrating the process to get the authorization for usage of this particular music legally? Do you know who to call? Do you know how much to pay for it? Do you also know that it is required to go through not just one, but few other organizations, all claiming some kind of rights in the song? Last but not least, they all wants to suck the big bucks out of you.

Spare me! We just want it simple, nice, and of course, low price.

What are you going to do?

There was no easy way out of this. That is except, if you willing to pay a lot.

One solution is you look around you and see if there's any producer or musician who will get the job done beautifully. Maybe you manage to find one, but lack of profession and commitment. It's common, they just won't work.

Or, you can try something new. A one-stop music freelancer for hire. A professional production team who will get every aspect in audio category, fix and done. Even customize and craft as how you like them to be.

We're not some "attitude", high-profile-like musicians. We know very well how they drives you away. Instead, we're easy to talk to. You can ask any questions you like, we're not big companies which hire clueless customer service, nor we generate computerize answers. You order your music after you satisfy with our answers.

The idea isn't something new

The usage of music in your website, company, ad, cell-phones, games, film... should and will become a simple process, just like how you order your delivery pizza, or shop your shoes in the net. We'll take the first step.

Copyright? Royalties? Throw these words to the back of your head. Use the music you ordered from us as many times as you want! No trial nor limited period! Yes, that means forever.

And the most rewarding thing: All these for just one time low pricing, freelance rate. How amazing...

How are we able to do it? Check the about_us page.

Why us?

Hire a full-time musician to sit in your office maybe just too costly, what you need is a group of professional music composer, tailor just the right piece for your project.

Costs? It's the cheapest price you'll get, depend on the project size and music length. It'll saves you thousands compare with a studio and normal ad company.

What's more? We produce and deliver fast. From the moment you receive our confirmation e-mail for your purchase, your order is at our tray and you will get it in typically 7 days, working days or not!

So check out our service_provided_column and see what's your project's category and contact us. Show us what you want and we'll gladly reply as soon as possible with all the help we can give.

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We know how hard to survive as a music composer, that's why we came out of this idea at the first place. If you are a composer, and you know you can deliver good stuff, come join us! Send us your resume and demo. If you got what it takes, this may become your life-long career.